About Us

Welcome to Ki’Jam Industries

Ki’Jam, a premier hair augmentation boutique, was started by Adriana Malave nearly a decade ago. Her years of experience in elite salons, both in the US and abroad, spans over almost three decades. Her clientele has included dignitaries from all walks of life including ambassadors, heads of state, entertainers and professionals whose image is vitally important to their self-image and success.

During her career, she developed a unique Non-Surgical Micro-Tether NSMT? process for individuals suffering from problematic hair loss, which was adversely affecting their self-image and well-being. The technical and artistic skills of the artisan in applying the NSMT? process is critical to successful hair augmentation. Each artisan in Ki’Jam’s boutique is personally trained by Adriana to assure quality of services and complete client satisfaction.

Our services are completely confidential and we treat each client with the compassion, dignity and respect they deserve.

Artistic Visionary Dedicated to Helping People With Hair Loss

I have been in the cosmetology field for almost 30 years and in hair augmentation for 25+ years. I have worked for other hair facilities during my career and have gained valuable experience with the impacts that hair loss have on people. Even though I was well respected among my clients and peers, I always felt it was an uphill battle against any given facilities lack of quality in their provided services and products or unwillingness to ensure their clients were happy about the services and products they received. This is when I took the initiative to develop a process that truly works, is custom made from the highest quality human hair materials, and is provided to clients with the compassion and care they deserve. This all culminated into what we now call the NSMT? “Non-Surgical Micro-Tether” process.

This process allowed me to be able harmonize my artistic abilities along with any potential client hair loss concerns. I wanted a process that would allow virtually no detection of a client having donor hair, yet the durability to withstand any activity the client wanted to take part in. Something so functional and natural that clients who only wanted services for fashion purposes could also enjoy. This, together with our focus on quality and unparalleled customer service, is why Ki’Jam will be your first or last inquiry into the beautiful natural hair that you have always dreamed of having!

What We Believe at Ki' Jam

Do it right every time and gain a client for life! This seemingly simple statement is a foundation of what we strive for at Ki’Jam. Time is precious to everyone and we believe that if the time is taken to do it right each and every time, all of our clients will be happier in the long run.

The Ki'Jam Promises

We promise to treat your condition or situation to the best of our abilities.

  • We promise to treat you with the utmost respect.
  • We promise to be honest about our available solutions and how well they apply to you.
  • We promise to provide you with the highest quality products and services.
  • We promise to resolve any concerns or issues to the best of our abilities and expeditiously.
  • We promise to keep your program participation completely confidential.
  • We promise to try and make your experience with Ki’Jam the most satisfying you’ve ever had.

What's on the Horizon For Us

We at Ki’Jam strongly believe in having professional ties and alignment with the medical community. We believe since all hair loss conditions have underlying physiological causes, that there is no more significant establishment to align ourselves with than the medical professionals that engage with our clients on a consistent basis. This is extremely advantageous to the hair loss community because it brings greater awareness to the doctors who’s patients often times silently suffer with their condition.

Unfortunately, medical professionals often times just inform their patient that the hair loss is something they will just have to accept, due to the underlying cause. This is why Ki’Jam is also working on establishing a Hair Loss Grant for people who need hair augmentation services like we offer at Ki’Jam, but do not have the full financial resources to partake in one of our programs. This is all part of our effort in bringing a greater awareness to the medical community, which is one of our primary goals and missions.

Adriana Malave, Founder & Owner

Adriana leads the day to day technical services and artisan apprenticeship program at Ki’Jam. She is the point person for anyone who wants to do anything with our processes and products. Adriana originally started in cosmetology at the age of 19 and her passion quickly grew into a desire to one day start her own business. By chance she entered into the field of hair augmentation and soon thereafter knew she wanted to continue helping people who suffered from hair loss; specifically, women.