Ki’jam offers completely private, confidential and professional hair services all within the confines of private offices.

Ki’jam Industries is a leading hair augmentation specialty company that provides high quality services and products for women and men who have been afflicted with various hair loss conditions. From underlying biological causes such Alopecia, Lupus, and Trichotillomania to secondary conditions like Chemotherapy and other Oncological treatments, Ki’jam has solutions to address all of your needs. Ki’jam has solutions to address all your needs. KIL has developed a competitive advantage with our leading edge propriety NSMTsm “Non Surgical Micro-Tether” process. This process was designed to strengthen then KIL’s core competencies:

Hair Loss Touches Many Lives

We at Ki’jam Industries intimately understand what it means to live with hair loss in the 21 st century. This plight is especially difficult for the women of our society, as it is often times not socially acceptable for women to participate in the workforce, while also exhibiting significantly noticeable baldness or loss of hair. The overt or more often times covert stigma attached to such conditions for women can be deli bating psychologically trauma for the individual. This, often times, leads to social withdrawal, poor workplace performance and introduction to a vicious cycle that often times leads to a person’s regression in their everyday lives. It is for these reasons why we at Ki’jam feel so passionately about what we do and the services we offer. It is also why we have focused much of our attention to establishing relationships with the medical community.

When one digs into the causes of hair loss, one cannot help but come to the conclusion that these are often times conditional symptoms with underlying biological causative factors. It is why Ki’jam felt it was imperative to establish intimate relationships with our surrounding medical community. From dermatologists, endocrinologists, oncologist, etc., they all have patients that are intimately affected by hair loss and often times aren’t aware often solutions that can make their current condition even more acceptable and allow them to go back to enjoying the confidence they had before their hair loss.

There is a wide spectrum of causative factors such as auto-immune diseases like Lupus and Alopecia Aerata or psychological conditions like Trichotillomania or chemo or radiation therapy. All of these scenarios are often times diagnosed while under the initial care of a medical professional. This is why we at Ki’jam encourage our clients to assimilate us with their medical professional so we can keep an open dialogue on the client’s condition and how we may best be able to continue providing them with the best services for their condition.

What Can We Do For You?

We are committed to providing our clients the very best hair augmentation solutions in conjunction with the latest trends in hair styling. Just because some of your hair isn’t your natural bio hair doesn’t mean that one must forgo the latest trends in hair styling. This is why all hair services are completed in our private offices by licensed professionals who have all honed their craft under the direct tutelage of our master artisan, Adriana. As with any top end hair styling salon, the difference between just good and fabulous is truly in the hands of the artist. We believe that we have the best artisans and we are confident that you will feel the same way too.

100% Authentic Human Hair

Our products are made with 100% human, remy hair that is perfectly matched to your own existing bio hair. The chosen hair is qualified against our stringent internal standards that allows the donor hair to behave and look just like the client’s own natural bio hair. All of our products are custom hand-made so that the end results are unique and perfectly constructed to match the clients own area of hair loss concern.

True Artisan Technicians

All of our technicians have to undergo a stringent and demanding 6 month apprenticeship under the tutelage and guidance of our master technician and owner, Adriana. Though not required, we encourage our new apprentices to internship at our boutique while they are still in their cosmetology programs, so they can apply the taught principles of their classes, to the unique principles of our boutique. This helps the apprentice to better understand and appreciate the significant differences in applying their newly found knowledge to our client’s hair loss conditions rather than the non-hair loss conditions they are taught in school.

HAP (Hair Augmentation Protocol)

Ki’jam’s proprietary NSTMsm process is our preferred solution for our clients, but we are well aware that some potential clients have conditions that might require other courses of actions to satisfactorily address the needs of the client. We offer other more traditional hair augmentation services with the same high quality standards that we have implemented without NSMTsm process.

Hair Salon Services

Even though our products are custom hand made with 100% human hair, that doesn’t mean that taking care of it is just like you would with your own hair. This is why we ensure that all salon services a client might desire is easily attainable at our boutique. All to often we have seen where a client will insist on their personal hair stylist performing their hair cuts, to only later realize that the end result was not to their satisfaction. Not only does this often times lead to anxiousness by the client, but it’s made worse because the damage is usually irreversible. Donor hair does not grow like your own bio hair and this requires special considerations when performing services on the client. All services are performed in the comfort of our individual and private technical rooms.

Since our processes are used to compliment and enhance your existing hair, it is imperative that KIL manage all of you hair and solon needs. This is why hair salon services are available with our private service rooms. Along with our unique process services, some of our standard salon services offered onsite are:





Hair Masks


Blow Dry

Wash and Sets

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